Monday, April 6, 2009

Hakka songs

Was recommended to listen to these songs. They're pretty entertaining..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 46

On my 1-month check-up, i was told tat my shortsightedness is gone on my right eye, while some degree came back on the left. I know - fluctuating. Astig is 0.75 on both eyes. Funny, cos i dun feel like i could read like wat I'm supposed to with a near perfect eyesight now. However, I was told tat it is good to hav some astigmatism left as u age. Hmm....

Red patches r almost gone. Dunno why mine takes so long, tho. Other than tat, it has been a bliss. I dun hav to squint my eyes in d morning to go in n out of d bathroom in d morning, no hassle of putting in n taking off d contact lenses, no dry n discomfort due to long wear of contact lenses, n no more hassle of wearing the glasses! A burden tat i hav to carry for 18 years.
It has been wonderful so far.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 21

There's still some obvious red patches left in my left eye. I m still using the SunVisors for outdoors. Hehehe...look like one of the stars in the Matrix movies. Did i mention abt the eye protectors? They r actually 2 pieces of cave-in plastic materials in a shape of a teardrop. With 9 5mm holes in the centre. If they r avail in black/green color, they'll make u look like "lalat man".
Other than the red patches, my eyesight is still fluctuating. It could last up to 3, 6 or even 12 mths, depending on individuals. My glares n starbursts r more worse. My astig is still so there.
On my 1d check-up (means the day after the treatment day - in 24hrs), my eye power dropped to 25. Then on my 1week check, my right eye was 75 with 0 at the left, but my astig was 1.25 for both eyes.
Time to rest my eyes, again.

The Big Day

Day 13 (Feb, Friday the 13th)

Today is the day tat I braved thru my fear, stormed thru my doubts, built up my hidden courage, n did lasik. A whole life of waiting (actually since 1996 when i got to know n told myself then tat "one day, i'm gonna do tis") n 1 week of thorough research. But I only spent a mere 10mins in the "treatment" room.
Recovery will be long for me as I had very high power of shortsightedness (8.25 each eye, tho I could hav sworn tat it used to be more than tat for my right eye) as well as astigmatism (1.25 n 1.75). I’ve got high HOA, glares, starbursts n halo even before treatment due to my pupils. Luckily cornea wise, pressure n dryness factors were all alright for me to undergo the whole thing.

It all started with a preliminary test, which is not charged. This test could be done after a few days of laying off ur soft contact lenses. But for more accuracy, it is advised to lay them off for a longer period (it must be abt 14days before the treatment day). This prelim test is js to check whether u r qualified or not for lasik treatment. Should u not, they’d probably suggest ICL to u. And if u r qualified, the consultants will advise u which type of treatment that is suitable for u. During tis visit, they will check ur power (the usual machine with the lil red barn in the middle of a green hilly pasture. I forgot whether did we proceed to the machine with the lenses swapping in front of ur eyes to see the alphabets way up front). Next, they check ur eye pressure (with some wind blown into each eyes), the thickness of ur pupils (light hand-carried black-coloured tool) (pupil size of 8mm or 9mm r generally considered thick, n pose a higher risk of halo, glares, starburst n ghosting effect.), n whether ur eyes r too dry (by sticking a piece of special paper right on ur eyeballs til tears stroll down). Now the last test was only done on me at 1 of the 2 centres tat I surveyed.

For more in-depth checking, u need to make another visit. This time it is a paid visit, abt RM120 to RM150. This time they check my higher order aberration, with coloured 3D images of my eyes, my glares, starbursts etc condition, n again on the eye pressure, eye power. I m only referring to intralasik procedures as I opted for tat. Also becos of tat, I think tis hole in my pocket will not heal even after my flap heals…. But seriously, mind u, whatever youtube tells u abt the flap never heals, it’s true. They will forever be there. But in saying tat, it takes a special tool to lift the flaps up. U cannot lift them up easily. After the treatment, the flaps will close up by the next day, it will continue to heal in abt 4 to 5 years’ time. By then, they r well enough n by 8 years, they would be well bonded.

On the big day, make sure u dun put on any product with alcohol, no make-up n hav eaten a meal. I emphasize on the meal part becos u go straight to bed after the treatment. U need somebody to drive u back becos it is advs tat u keep ur eyes closed n rested after the procedure. They will do some eye examinations again to ensure everything is in order, then a solution to numb ur eyes r applied b4 some dot markings r done with a marker for the actual treatment. Once u hav made the payment n the numbness wears off, u will then be led into the treatment room where u'd be prepared for surgery.

Note tat the only pain tat I felt was js a sting when they put the ring n suction thing before cutting the flaps (which was done by laser, creating tiny gas bubbles b4 they combine, which result in the cut flaps). Think tis is to lock the eye in position so the femtosecond laser could be applied. The whole while u'd be looking (focusing) at the middle point of a ring of lights. Next, u need to stand up n walk to the nearby excimer laser machine where the flaps r lifted n the laser correction treatment is done. Flaps r placed back, u blink a few times to ensure they're not crumpled n u're free to go.

For me, my right eye felt teary like when u peel onions, except tat it’s milder than the actual onion peeling. I also felt like a piece of foreign object in my eye. My left eye felt better but it wasn’t a good sign. It means tat it was a bit dry. We’ll hav to c how it goes with recuperation. For the first 48 hours, u need to sleep, rest n nap. I tot tis would be easy as I finally hav a reason to laze for 2 days. But it turned out to be a nightmare. I took the whole week off. The days tat I could nap for 1 or 2 hours in the daytime I couldn’t sleep at nite til 3am++, while the days I couldn’t nap n ended up with anxiety I could sleep well at night. Medication wise is of utmost importance. I’ve heard of complications due to not following the prescription time given. There r the artificial tears, the anti-inflammatory n antibiotic drops, all to be put in stipulated time. The aftifial tears being the most frequent, initially abt once in half an hour, then once every hour n later on once every 2 hours.

There r a few options tat I’ve mentioned earlier. In short, epi-lasik n lasek r both suface treatment. Only the epitheliem layer is cut like only abt 50 microns with the stroma layer uncut. The down side is tat it is more painful, slow recuperation n risk of haze. Lasek is with alcohol, to loosen the epithelium layer, while epi is without. On the other hand, lasik n intralasik r more invasive procedures. A flap of 100micron is created, which goes into the stroma part. This heals faster, lesser pain, but the risks r dry eyes (as it cuts thru the stroma layer where there r nerves involved), eyesight quality ie halos, glares, starburst n ghosting (double) image, n flap complications. Note tat people who has thin cornea, eventho it depends on ur eye power, generally is considered thin if it’s btw 300 to 400 micron). We do not consider PRK anymore as it is not carried out anymore. Intralasik/intralase/z-lasik is lasik with flap cut by laser as well, as opposed to the old method of cutting it by using a microkerotome, which is with actual blade. Tis eliminates risks due to blade. Wavwfront/customised intralasik is the latest technology whereby a 3D mapping of ur eye is done so tat a precise flap is cut n everything is tailor-made. This is becos our eyes r like thumbprints. They r unique n so this treatment is the most precise.

Now let’s talk abt eye laser shopping. There r 2 prominent centres here in kl. I did not even dare to step into another centre, which is smaller in scale, due to the incident reported…can google it up. Plenty of stories. Now let’s call them A n B. A offers ONLY lasik treatment, while B offers all but they would still advs u to do lasik. I would think tat it is becos they r more used to doing lasik. However, I do get different implications upon doing my studies… Anyway, B did not recommend me to do the custom one as my corneas r too thin for them. By then, I hav got to know my eys with so much details tat I hope to do customwave. Upon checking (note that u MUST compare the technologies thay hav in each centres as tis is the crucial factor), eventho B hav machine 1, which A hav as well, they do not machine 2. This is the crucial part: machine 2 does not only safe corneas tissue by 20 to 30%, it also is approved for NASA use. Astronauts use tis machine as well. Naturally, the price is 2x. Upon checking with B also, they told me tat they will shoot me with machine 3, which from wat I read in the comparison website, is not tat recommended. They hav machine 2,3,4 n 5…but they dun hav machine 2. If only they hav, I m sure the price will not be as steep… Another thing to ponder is tat I could see my surgeon on the second visit already for A (where u could direct ur concerns), while was told tat i only c my surgeon on the actual day for B. And so, I went for A with the 2x price tag. Oh, A gives out tis kit tat comes with the eye protectors n a pair of sunglasses - saves u d trouble. However, B does hav more branches n there's 1 avail in my hometown, which I'd be flying back to tmrw.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Point of view

Poor Florence was driven up the wall. A wise man came to the rescue n she was spare from the wall n from strangling her own self. The end.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 1

Day 1 of a long mth off, besides burning a massive hole in my pocket, certainly is a GREAT day to begin with ;-P
I woke up at 11.30am, took things slowly, then went for cny visits, took things slowly, n still had time to bake a cake, smtg tat i hadn't done in a long while.
The humble butter cake. Of course, I changed the recipe slightly....added abt 30gm more butter....thum-ti-thum.....sort of made it more moist, but it is the heavenly butter we're talking abt here - u can't blame butter for any crime at all. Really.

Came up with another new year resolution. I've so got to get meself a good oven - one tat cooks evenly....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just 5 days

"French minister Rachida Dati back to work just five days after a caesarean".
Even if it's possible, I dun agree with this. There r a lot of studies, Chinese ones, indicating tat a strict 45 days is darn needed for a full recovery from a delivery. Most women do not heed the advise n only do a 30 days maternity - still acceptable.... But in tis case we r talking abt a c-section. We r talking abt the belly being butchered in order to deliver a baby. Heck, tat woman should be resting.
As powerfull as the mind n spirit r, probably a strong n darn healthy body condition as well, I still dun think it's wise to do js an 11.11% of the full maternity period.